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Hontique Co.

Hexagon Chandelier


A lighting display doesn't need to be strictly functional. It can serve two purposes simultaneously; lighting up the room, while also being a beautiful, attention grabbing décor piece. These honeycomb lights radiate a warm hue. The elongated light bulbs are attached to a metal base and coated in a sleek gold finish, flaunting a classic gold and black contrast.

Suitable for Many Settings

This fixture meshes flawlessly in any room such as, above the dining table, in the kitchen, and even the bedroom. The best part about this piece is that it is not specifically designed for a designated spot.

*Bulbs not included*

Material: Metal


Set of 3: Pendent Height 10.2'' X Width 18.9''

Set of 5: Pendent Height 9.8'' X Width 30.7''

Cable Length: 39'' adjustable

Hexagon Chandelier