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Hontique Co.

Wireless Charging Lamp


Simple, Clean and Multifunctional

Crafted with metal and finished with gold, this elegant modern lamp offers much more than just a simple light source. 

Standing 5'11 tall, this piece does more than any other lamp you've ever seen. It is highly versatile in that the 20" light bar can be rotated 90 degrees vertically and 350 degrees horizontally so you can direct the light anywhere in the room you want.

The light itself is also versatile in that the colour tone can be adjusted across a spectrum from bright white to a warm yellow glow to match your mood.

no need for chargers and cables, simply put your device on the wireless charging dock that also lights up and changes tone to match your mood. 

Need to adjust the brightness or colour tones? no need to get out of your seat! control any function of the lamp with the remote included. 

Wireless Charging Lamp