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Hontique Co.

Wildflower Sconces Set of 4


Set your home a glow with the hontiqueco wall sconce!

Ever wish you could bring those summer evening fireflies indoors? Or the beautiful flowers from that field home? Well now you can! 

With the HontiqueCo wall sconces set, you can light up your space with a warm summery glow, accentuated by colourful flowers, completely transforming any space you set them in! 

This set doesn’t just accentuate your walls, it brings them to life! With colourful flowers set on a rustic wood background and 4 feet of fairy lights in each jar, you can bring the  dancing fireflies over summer wildflowers into your home!

Set them up anywhere you like, no matter how high or hard to reach! Simply set them up once and use the remote control to operate the 8 different light modes on the fairy lights. 

Wildflower Sconces Set of 4